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An offshore oil rig. Oil & Gas is one of the markets VIZIYA serves.


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VIZIYA unanimously chosen by 30 person selection committee.

— Chevron


VIZIYA has earned the trust of a number oil and gas companies like Chevron, Santos, Enterprise Products, Irving Oil, and Noble Energy with over 6,000 users.  We integrate and partner with all of the leading maintenance systems and work collaboratively with the largest and most sophisticated oil and gas maintenance organizations to optimize their asset performance.

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Whether you’re an upstream producer, refiner, or service company, the oil and gas industry faces complex and ever-changing issues particularly with price volatility.   Controlling your work management process is key to maintaining safe operations and driving profit. Price volatility and tight margins can result in increased pressure on maintenance departments to:

  • Improve efficiency and field excellence
  • Boost operational intelligence and decision-making
  • Achieve high compliance standards and be prepared for regulatory audits and internal reviews

Oil and Gas Maintenance EAM practices can mean the difference between profitability and loss. Remote locations can be difficult to reach and parts availability is often a challenge. Preventive maintenance is critical and not an option to risk safety and/or the environment. Continuous production means equipment is constantly in use, so scheduled maintenance must be brief and effective.

WorkAlign Scheduler optimizes the planning and scheduling of oil and gas maintenance activities, allowing dynamic scheduling of resources and crews, overall schedule optimization, and overall efficiency. You know the importance of achieving a high return on capital assets, including equipment, building/grounds, vehicles and linear assets.

The predictive capabilities of the WorkAlign Analytics tool gives decision makers the ability to visualize the condition of assets, detect potential problems, and prevent disruptions through reports, graphical dashboards and trending analysis.

WorkAlign Warranty Tracker delivers actionable intelligence to track and claim your warrantable repairs. Fully integrated with your ERP, Warranty Tracker allows you to track warranty and review potential vendor claims for reimbursement.

WorkAlign Mobile delivers robust capabilities and maximizes the utilization of remote workers. With easy access to information throughout the EAM workflow, workers can efficiently capture work order data, materials activities, asset history and readings, as well as view and enter maintenance plan results.

WorkAlign Maintenance Budgeting simplifies asset-based budgeting with real-time views of predicted work orders. Our solution delivers three budget creation options: auto-budget based on forecasted work, zero-based budgeting, or historic actuals plus the option to manage contingency funds.

Industry RequirementVIZIYA Solution
Sophisticated needs for complex crew managementScheduler allows Planners and Schedulers to group resources into logical working units and provides the flexibility to manage crews the way they work best in your environment–by craft, team, or a combination.
High volume – Backlog of more than 5,000 work orders is not uncommonScheduler allows you to easily perform bulk work order operations with a single keystroke.  Planners and Schedulers can quickly view key performance indicators for the compliance of weekly maintenance schedules and implement corrections for future schedules. Analytics provides a complete dashboard and set of reports allowing you to track Oil and Gas Maintenance schedule compliance. Scheduler tests the readiness of your unscheduled work orders. Work orders that do not meet a minimum standard of completeness are flagged for correction, improving overall execution.
Careful planning to reduce cost for visits to remote locationsScheduler lets you plan and schedule work on remote assets, ensuring that maintenance teams have what they need – the right people, materials – thus ensuring that a site visit is as productive as possible. Scheduler easily filters your work order backlog and finds the required work. Analytics presents data so that maintenance knows what is working and can identify areas to improve. Maintenance Budgeting connects directly to your ERP with three budget creation options. Mobile maximizes the utilization of remote workers with easy access to information throughout the EAM workflow. Workers can efficiently capture work order data, materials activities, asset history and readings, as well as view and enter maintenance plan results.
Comprehensive reporting solutions for large maintenance teamsAnalytics provides a complete dashboard and set of reports allowing you to jump-start your analytics. Analytics provides actionable data out-of-the-box to drive improvement in uptime, schedule compliance, backlog, craft utilization, and overtime.
Overall savings for a significant impact on operationsSmall savings can quickly add up for large maintenance teams.  With a focus on asset criticality, urgency, and PM compliance, Scheduler provides intelligence and awareness so that better decisions are made to maximize production uptime and to optimize asset performance.

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