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VIZIYA’s WorkAlign products are designed from the ground up to focus on the one primary goal: Production Equipment Uptime. Our solutions help our customers control and manage their maintenance work flow to increase asset utilization, manage risks and improve costs. Some of our Fortune 1000 customers include: Barrick Gold, Chevron, Alcoa, Potash, US Steel, EnCana, Irving Oil, Aleris International and many more…

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Oil & Gas

Whether you’re an upstream producer, refiner, or service company, the oil and gas industry faces complex and ever-changing issues particularly with price volatility. Controlling your work management process is key to maintaining safe operations and driving profit.

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Mining & Metals

The mining and metal industry is highly competitive and unpredictable. With frequent price fluctuations and heightened safety requirements, companies must balance safety and costs. Using effective tools can help control costs and increase visibility of mine operations.

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Manufacturers are challenged with maximizing operational capacity at the lowest cost. Maintenance strives to increase equipment reliability through PMs, while balancing costs and safety. Managing downtime is critical and your work management process can mean the difference between profitability and loss.

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Chemicals companies are evolving their operations' business models to drive new revenue streams and to control costs. Ever-changing environmental and regulatory requirements add more complexity. Using technology to manage downtime and to control work is vital for safe operations and to drive profit.

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Amidst fluctuating currency and environmental pressures, utilities are challenged to optimize asset performance while delivering the highest level of service to customers. Enhancing your process with data specific reporting is key to improving service and driving profit.

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Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage manufactures are challenged with delivering quality production at the lowest cost while adhering to strict regulatory requirement. Controlling your work management process and using data to improve your operation can mean the difference between profitability and loss.

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Fleet operations is a delicate balance of asset management, capitalizing on short maintenance windows, and leveraging analysis. With an optimized EAM workflow, transportation maintenance can effectively manage their costs and track asset reliability through process and tools.

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Pharma & Biotech

Pharma and biotech companies must deal with dynamically changing regulatory and business landscapes. Top of mind is containing drug and device costs demanded by consumers. Controlling work process and reporting results is key to address these challenges.

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Government & Military

The revenue stream in the public sector is challenging. Consumers demand perfection and lower taxes. Full accountability with detailed reporting is an absolute necessity. Keeping up with trends is critical – government and military bodies need to effectively plan and schedule assets, and produce strategic, relevant data.

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Facilities & Construction

Facilities management faces increased pressure to perform at higher service level with fewer resources. Keeping costs under control while dealing with aging assets is also challenging. Controlling your work management process while staying on top of regulatory and compliance standards is key.

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