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VIZIYA WorkAlign® Budgeting

Easily control and manage your maintenance spending.

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VIZIYA developed WorkAlign Budgeting to simplify asset-based budgeting. The simple user interface simulates the experience of using spreadsheets, but it is much more powerful and flexible. All maintenance budgeting and forecasting can be done through this single application.

WorkAlign Budgeting seamlessly integrates with your ERP system or CMMS, allowing you to easily and quickly upload your maintenance budget into your organization’s corporate budgeting system.

The approval workflow mechanism ensures that budgets are only finalized when they’ve been fully vetted and approved, ensuring that budgets are always up-to-date and in line with overall business goals.


• Three budget creation options: historical, zero-based, actuals
• Budget for preventive and corrective maintenance with simulations
• Easily integrate budgets with corporate budgeting systems.
• Simple user interface that simulates the spreadsheet experience
• Multi-ERP | Multi-CMMS | Multi-Instance

Maintenance is often asked to control its spending, but you can’t control what you can’t measure. Current maintenance budgeting tools are not connected to your finance systems, making it difficult to track your maintenance spend. It doesn’t help that finance and maintenance don’t really speak the same language

WorkAlign Budgeting simplifies budgeting with real-time views of predicted work orders and historic trends. As a true add-on to your CMMS system, WorkAlign Budgeting allows you to manage and control the cost of maintenance, not just predict what you’re going to spend. A simple user interface simulates the spreadsheet experience but is fully integrated with your CMMS.  However, unlike spreadsheets, work order activity and financial data is always up to date.

The effort to create and update budgets is reduced significantly while satisfying the requirements of both finance and maintenance. With the capability to create zero-based forecasts, what-if scenarios, as well as budgets based on historic actuals, WorkAlign Budgeting delivers data intelligence that is pragmatic and realistic. Total expenses are captured for each asset, grouped, and then rolled up through flexible asset and budget-based hierarchies. 

WorkAlign Budgeting integrates seamlessly with your CMMS and eliminates the need for duplicate data entry.  The result is there is only one source of data – your CMMS. Like all of the VIZIYA product suite, WorkAlign Budgeting is a real-time integrated solution.

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WorkAlign Budgeting drives a number of potential benefits:

Justify budgets based on the latest maintenance plans and forecasts in real-time.
• Improve asset utilization by ensuring critical assets have the appropriate budget allocation.
• Provide actionable KPIs out-of-the-box to drive cost improvement and ensure budget compliance.
• Build on details and compare actual performance for continuous improvement.
• Identify areas of waste and high-cost items.
• Adjust work plans as needed based on budget realities and create transparency.


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