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Building budgets from the activity up builds credibility. ...budget becomes fact based and facilitates risk-based decisions.

— Alcoa


WorkAlign Maintenance Budgeting is an integrated add-on solution that consolidates all available maintenance and finance data directly from SAP.   The solution provides 3 budget creation options: Auto-Budget, Zero-Based, or Historic Actuals. The solution is designed to simulate the spreadsheet experience with our simple user interface, but fully-integrated with SAP.


  • SAP Certified – integrates in real-time
  • SAP Partner
  • Creates budgets and easily integrates with corporate finance tools
  • Simple user interface that simulates the spreadsheet experience
  • 3 budget creation options: auto-budget, zero-based, or historic actuals

Companies are challenged to keep multiple budgets in sync across the organization. Current maintenance budgeting tools are disconnected from your Finance systems, making it difficult to track your maintenance spend.

VIZIYA WorkAlign Maintenance Budgeting, a purpose-built solution, simplifies asset-based budgeting with real-time views of predicted work orders and historic trends.  As a true add-on to your system, Maintenance Budgeting allows you to manage and control the cost of maintenance, leading to a stronger bottom line. Regardless of how you budget today, Maintenance Budgeting can bring transparency to the process.

With the capability to create zero-based forecasts, what-if scenarios, as well as budgets based on historic actuals, Maintenance Budgeting delivers data intelligence that is pragmatic and realistic. Total expenses are captured for each asset, grouped, and then rolled up through flexible asset and budget-based hierarchies.

A user friendly and intuitive solution, Maintenance Budgeting’s out-of-the-box real-time KPIs makes periodic updates simple. Unlike spreadsheets, work order activity and financial data is always up-to-date with VIZIYA’s proven bolt-on integration software. The effort to create and update a budget is reduced significantly while satisfying both Finance and Maintenance’s requirements.

An out-of-the-box complete solution, Budget continues to be updated with new feature enhancements, without costly customization and upgrades.

Maintenance Budgeting Key Features include:

Create Budget Groups

Budget Groups allow the maintenance organization to assign and create ownerships and approvals based on groups to build into the corporate budget hierarchy. Additionally, create Report Groups where analysis can be performed outside of the hierarchy.

Improve Cost Management with Accurate Annual Budgets

Gather all expected costs for all scheduled work orders including scheduled and forecasted PMs. Review historic actual data. Allow users to create a budget based on predicted work orders and historic trends, with the ability to modify budget values as necessary. Armed with data to predict and adjust, accurate budgets will improve the cost profile.

Improve Reporting with Creating Asset Groups

Assign assets to groups and arrange in hierarchy as required to align with the corporate financial structure. Create budget roll-ups based on groups and reporting needs.

Save Time and Ensure Accuracy with Auto-Budget

Auto-Budget populates PM Activity Costs and Historical non-PM Costs. It calculates a future PM forecast and assigns cost estimates to the asset budget. After reviewing the estimates, costs can then be spread manually by the users or assigned via rules across multiple periods. Budget displays historical maintenance costs for assets and allows users to bring costs into a new budget.

Add Intelligence and Comparison with Zero-based Budgeting

Zero-based budgeting assumes that there has been no history. This approach is sometime used to establish a baseline using performance expectations or industry norms as a basis of comparison. Budget creates a zero-based budget for each asset. Users can manually enter transactions that can be spread across fiscal periods, as desired.

Screen Shot of VIZIYA's WorkAlign Budgeting

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