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VIZIYA WorkAlign® IIoT

Identify asset failures before they occur.

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WorkAlign IIoT is VIZIYA’s newest addition to our product suite. The solution connects your real-time sensor data with your CMMS, and makes the data actionable. You determine what actions to take when an event occurs within your system.

VIZIYA’s WorkAlign IIoT product allows you to connect your assets at an entirely new level. Our IIoT product will transform your company into a predictive maintenance organization.


  • Integrated dashboards connect reliability and maintenance teams with asset insight
  • Two-way integration keeps both systems up to date and provides vital connections for advanced analytics
  • Escalating workflows make sure you never create a duplicate work order or object in you CMMS
  • Maintenance Status indicator prevents workflows from being initiated when the asset is down for planned maintenance
  • Templated CMMS Actions make it easy for a front-end user to manage your integration

VIZIYA’s WorkAlign IIoT was designed to address and fill gaps in your reliability and maintenance structures. Traditionally, reliability teams and maintenance teams have stayed in their own realms. This disconnect often results in a reactive organization structure and a lack of correlation and collaboration between units. When these units are disconnected, critical information can be missed and both time and money can be wasted.

VIZIYA’s WorkAlign IIoT is a powerful, robust solution that allows you to turn collected asset data into actionable items sent directly to your maintenance team.

WorkAlign IIoT is a full featured application that provides real-time insight into the health of your assets by connecting your reliability software to your CMMS. Any web-service can be monitored for events that can trigger groups of actions in your backend ERP system. Work orders are auto generated and looped back into your ERP/EAM system to close the data loop. Reduce the overhead of a costly IT integration with actionable templates which are simple and easy for any user to create. Eliminating the difficulties of more traditional integrations, users can now interact with the equipment they are responsible for in ways that just haven’t been possible until now.

VIZIYA has partnered with OSISoft, a leader in enabling operational intelligence through sensor-based data.  With hundreds of standard connectors to SCADA, PLC and other business information systems, OSISoft PI is a perfect source for real-time, fault-tolerant data.



  • Eliminate unnecessary inspection time by letting your sensors do the work.
  • Reduce failures and unexpected outages by alerting maintenance teams immediately when there is an issue detected
  • Make your maintenance and reliability teams more efficient and coordinated with integrated dashboards
  • Reduce the IT development costs and risk of custom integration with our out-of-the-box solution

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IIoT Solution Brief

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