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The VIZIYA WorkAlign IIoT Engine allows customers to connect with their equipment at an entirely new level.  Become a more predictive maintenance organization by connecting real-time sensor data to the backend ERP system – all from an easy to use mobile application. 


  • Remove the difficulty of integration
  • Easily create groups of actions to be executed when an event is raised by a sensor
  • Automatically generate work orders, work requests, quality plan entries, meter readings and more
  • Email and Push Notifications make sure your maintenance team is always up to speed


VIZIYA’s WorkAlign IIoT Engine is a robust and powerful product that allows any web service to be monitored for events that can be used to trigger groups of actions in your backend ERP system.  A full featured mobile application provides real-time insight into the health of your assets and provides an easy-to-use interface for interacting with your integration.  Eliminating the difficulties of more traditional integrations, users can now interact with the equipment that they are responsible for in ways that just haven’t been possible until now.

With the IIoT Engine you can listen for events coming from sensors and automatically perform actions such as creating work orders, creating notifications, entering measurements, and more. 

With support for email and push notifications built in you can be sure that the right people are notified quickly when an event occurs. 

VIZIYA has partnered with OSISoft, a leader in enabling operational intelligence through sensor-based data.  With hundreds of standard connectors to SCADA, PLC and other business information systems, OSISoft PI is a perfect source for real-time, fault-tolerant data.   

Here is a graphic demonstration of the process:


  • Easily connect sensor data with the backend ERP system from a mobile device
  • Effectively communicate important events throughout the maintenance organization at the moment they happen
  • Seamless integration with the WorkAlign Product family
  • Create work orders, notifications, measurements, and much more automatically without a complex integration
  • Create template actions and action groups to be executed when events are raised

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