VIZIYA is a maintenance optimization software [mos] company that focuses on improving each step of the work management process.  We believe that maintenance, when executed properly, can help drive cost savings, productivity, uptime, and reliability.  Our products were built with the entire maintenance process in mind.

Paul Sunderland, Interim President & Chief Executive Officer

Paul Sunderland brings more than 40 years of experience with large technology companies to VIZIYA. From 2002 to 2018, he served as Senior Vice-President of Coreworx Inc., a private enterprise software company where he developed and led relationships with key customers including some of the world’s largest oil and gas, engineering and construction, transportation and logistics and manufacturing companies. Prior to Coreworx, Paul spent 25 years working in senior technology leadership roles at large companies such as AT&T Canada and Bell Canada and with the Canadian Department of National Defence.

Paul Lupinacci

Paul Lupinacci, VP Development & Services

Paul is responsible for VIZIYA’s product development, service and support teams. Paul’s engineering and enterprise software experience guides the delivery team and makes sure our products meet, and then exceed expectations. Prior to joining VIZIYA, Paul had a career in manufacturing engineering and industrial automation. In 1992, Paul helped start Changepoint Corporation and was part of a management team that grew Changepoint into an enterprise software company with staff of 185 and annual revenues of over $30 million, before it was acquired by Compuware Corporation in 2004. In 2006 Paul became COO of MedShare, transforming the company from a services firm to a software product company in the home healthcare market. Most recently, Paul was a partner at investment firm Hewick Research Inc., where he advised companies in a wide range of markets including human capital management, identity management, and clean-tech. Paul is a professional engineer, has an MBA and is on the board of the Golden Horseshoe Venture Forum.

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