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Maintenance Scheduling

VIZIYA is a maintenance optimization software [mos] company that focuses on improving each step of the work management process.  We believe that maintenance, when executed properly, can help drive cost savings, productivity, uptime, and reliability.  Our products were built with the entire maintenance process in mind.

VIZIYA in the Community

VIZIYA believes in supporting causes close to its employees’ hearts. We are proud to take an active role in the local communities where our employees work, live and grow with their families.  Being part of a team, spending time with family, and encouraging growth through physical activity are cornerstones of our community spirit. Over the years, through donations and sponsorships, VIZIYA has supported numerous soccer, hockey, basketball and various team sports in our staff members’ communities.

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We also realize how important good health is to leading a happy and prosperous life. To that end, VIZIYA has also supported various not-for-profit health organizations such as the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation, the American Diabetes Association and the Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation. Believing healthy bodies lead to healthy minds, we have also supported not-for-profit educational foundations such as the Nikola Tesla Educational Corporation and Software Hamilton. We also support various humanitarian organizations, as we believe in supporting people in difficult times.

We also look outside our own communities as a way to do good. As a global company, we also heed the call to be part of an international caring world. During times of crisis, we have reached out with support through humanitarian aid, helping communities in need during times of natural disaster.

VIZIYA understands the importance of corporate philanthropy and will continue to support causes that reflect our company and employee’s ideals.

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