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VIZIYA is a maintenance optimization software [mos] company that focuses on improving each step of the work management process.  We believe that maintenance, when executed properly, can help drive cost savings, productivity, uptime, and reliability.  Our products were built with the entire maintenance process in mind.

Optimizing asset performance and uptime is paramount for you to achieve production targets, control costs, and manage safety and compliance. Maintenance is the foundation of your EAM strategy. That’s why VIZIYA designed our software solutions to enhance each step of your work management process and to help you measure the results of your initiatives.

With a focus on asset criticality, urgency, and compliance, VIZIYA solutions deliver precisely what you need to implement your asset strategy.

The VIZIYA team was formed in 2007 by industry veterans with both maintenance and software expertise. We developed our first product – the WorkAlign Scheduler – in a collaborative partnership with Barrick Gold. In 2013, we acquired Global PTM, an EAM consulting powerhouse. As a result, we have a portfolio of asset management products and services purpose-built for maintenance professionals.

VIZIYA capitalizes on the synergy of our team’s unmatched architecture knowledge, advanced software functionality, and asset management workflow expertise. This unique combination has resulted in out-of-the-box maintenance solutions that integrate with the most used maintenance systems, including Oracle eAM, Oracle JDE, SAP PM, and IBM Maximo.

Our dedicated Customer Adoption team augments our world-class customer support. We understand that successful implementation and ongoing support are critical for your long-term value. Our Customer Adoption Program includes Professional Product Certifications, training webcasts, Health Checks and quarterly status calls.

Our VIZIYA team is headquartered in North America and has direct presence in Australia, Europe, the Middle East, and South Africa.

VIZIYA is a subsidiary of Quarterhill Inc.

VIZIYA designs its maintenance software solutions to enhance each step of your work management process.

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Since we understand maintenance and we are software experts, we build in functionality that supports EAM best practices that match your workflow. VIZIYA has worked collaboratively with some of the largest and most sophisticated maintenance organizations to optimize their asset performance. Our WorkAlign Suite includes:

We integrate and partner with all of the leading maintenance systems – including Oracle eAM, SAP PM, IBM Maximo, and Oracle JDE.

VIZIYA adopts a total partnership approach with our ERP partners. Our integration certifications and our development partnerships ensure complementary product solutions through shared roadmaps. We are ERP agnostic and support multi-platform environments, which is particularly valuable when managing system transitions or a mix of systems that result from acquisitions. We support most instances, not just the latest.

We read and write data through the ERPs APIs, delivering live data. This eliminates the need for a separate database or an integration bridge. Our “one source of truth” design keeps your data where it should be – in your ERP system’s database.

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