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    Analytics in a Cloud

    We understand that sometimes your team just doesn’t have the bandwidth to take on a new product.  Consider a hosted solution from VIZIYA.

    Let VIZIYA manage your maintenance reporting for you and jump start your process improvement initiatives. WorkAlign Hosted Analytics delivers over 300 best practice reports for all of the major EAM systems, including Oracle E-Business, JDE, PeopleSoft, SAP EAM, IBM Maximo, and Indus EMPAC. Our growing library of maintenance metrics and compliance reports, including industry-specific and role-based versions, allow you to accelerate your analysis. Our Hosted Analytics solution provides actionable data out-of-the-box to drive improvement in uptime, schedule compliance, backlog, craft utilization, and overtime.

    Hosted Analytics is a flexible deployment choice which provides maintenance reporting functionality that is fully-managed and operated in VIZIYA’s own data center. We’ll create a dedicated instance of our Analytics report suite, give you a secure login and password, and just like that, you’ll be up and running.  VIZIYA will provide a secure, reliable data center, all application maintenance (current patches, etc.), and we top it all off with our helpful and responsive customer support team.

    There is minimal setup to get quick and easy access to comprehensive Analytics CMMS suite of reports. Our monthly fee eliminates a capital purchase requirement and frees your resources to work on other projects.

    Product Overview

    With out-of-the-box support for today’s most popular Enterprise Asset Management systems: Oracle eAM, JDE CAM, PeopleSoft PM, SAP PM, IBM Maximo, and Indus EMPAC, VIZIYA’s WorkAlign Hosted Analytics builds a single, consolidated data warehouse with a complete enterprise-wide view for all of your Maintenance data.  Data centralization enables visibility at all levels, including corporate, region,site, department, equipment, resource, task, and more.

    VIZIYA WorkAlign Hosted Analytics simplifies the task by delivering hundreds of ready-to-use data analytics to allow you to jump-start your analytics. Configurable extract, transform, and load (ETL) capabilities and drag-and-drop reporting let you avoid the complexities, costs, and risks of custom or hard coded reports. Users can tailor their business intelligence on demand with filters, groupings and sort sequences, and drill down to the fine data details to troubleshoot root causes of failure.

    Ultimately, your users will spend more time improving maintenance metrics and less time struggling with custom reports.  This capability is especially important when sites or regions operate differently. For example, a company may need to consolidate analytics from multiple ERP suites. Or, there may be varying local business protocols, like whether a workweek begins on a Sunday or Monday. Or, there may be varying methods of defining key business metrics, for instance emergency work may be defined by priority code at one site and work order type at another. VIZIYA addresses each of these needs without hard coding or requiring customization.

    Hosted Analytics is a flexible deployment choice which provides maintenance reporting functionality that is fully-managed and operated in VIZIYA’s own data center. We’ll create a dedicated instance of our Analytics report suite and give you a secure login and password.

    From there you can choose from hundreds of our pre-defined reports including:

    • Asset Utilization
    • Craftsperson Utilization
    • Schedule and Resource Loading
    • Work Order Backlog
    • Maintenance Cost Analysis
    • Top 10 Bad Actors
    • Scheduling/Planning Compliance
    • Asset Runtime and Failure Analysis
    • PM Trending and Analysis


    Drive Asset Utilization

    Spend more time planning and improving asset utilization vs. creating / building in house reports or analytics solutions

    Provide actionable data out-of-the-box to drive improvement: equipment availability, downtime, schedule compliance, and backlog

    Manage Risk

    Reduce implementation time with an out-of-the-box analytics suite with limited internal IT resources

    Drive user adoption and accountability with over 300 pre-built dashboards and reports

    Drive Cost Savings

    Reduce your operational expenses by eliminating capital purchases and maintenance of servers.

    Provide actionable data out-of-the-box to drive cost improvement: craft utilization, overtime, stock outs, expedited shipping,etc.

    Access to configurable tables allow ad hoc reporting that reflect your business and process without costly customization

    Solution Features

    • 300+ Best Practice Reports Out-of-the-Box with actionable data
    • 4000 data elements to choose from out-of-the-box
    • Multi-platform ERP environments, multi-instances, multiple sites
    • User friendly ad hoc reports via drag and drop
    • Low monthly license fee

    VIZIYA’s WorkAlign Analytics includes a comprehensive set of over 300 reports, giving you the tools to track and manage your organization. With Hosted Analytics in a cloud, not only is the product maintained by people who know it best, but the solution runs in a top-tier, secure datacenter environment.


    • 24/7 network and security monitoring
    • UPS and diesel generator backup
    • Low latency, high bandwidth provided through Multi-Homed redundant OC-192 links directly connected to an Internet backbone provider


    A fully-supported, end-to-end turnkey configuration. VIZIYA built this infrastructure for reliability and scalability. VIZIYA’s Hosted Analytics provides sophisticated reporting in an ever-changing and increasingly complex technological environment. As operating budgets decrease, most IT budgets are spent maintaining current infrastructure that doesn’t always provide the technology and capabilities you need. Our hosted reporting solution is easy on your expenses and managed by our skilled team of professionals.

    Reap the benefit of maintenance reporting, and optimize your EAM practices with VIZIYA’s WorkAlign Hosted Analytics.


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